Our concept

Amethyst Tantra erotic massage – art and science in a top class massage

Our professional Tantric masseuses perform the Tantra Erotic massage with such skill and so much sensuality and intensity that you won’t even realize that there is an entire spiritual science and so much precise knowledge in it.

With more than 10 years of experience, we have created a special tantra erotic massage that combines:

The esoteric knowledge of

Tantrawhich includes the universal principles of yin- yang polarization, of being in the present moment, of openness

Taowith the transmutation of the erotic potential and its sublimation to the higher levels of your being

Ayurvedathat takes into consideration your constitutional type: Vatta, Pitta, Kapha

Yogawith the breathing exercises that expand your awareness and with meditation

Astrologythat offers hints regarding your erogenous areas

With massage techniques from:

Classic relaxation massage basic maneuvers for each part of your body

Lymphatic drainage massagethat will purify your body

Reflex-areas massagethat will relieve tensions

Ayurvedic massagethat works on your energy fields and frees emotional tensions using natural oils

Press-puncturethat will unblock and activate certain energy channels

Nevertheless, each session of Tantra erotic massage is tailored to meet your specifics wants and needs.

Tantra Massage

What is Tantra massage?

Tantra or tantric massage is a modern type of massage that aims to make you aware of your entire being (body, mind and soul). It is a process that implies the unblocking of energies, healing of traumas and the expansion of your consciousness on all levels.

The final result of the Tantra erotic massage is a reconnection to your deepest nature in a most relaxing, blissful way.

Amethyst tantra erotic Massage - a unique experience

Although extremely sensual and erotic, the goal of the Amethyst tantra erotic massage is not to achieve an orgasm, but rather to relax and awaken your senses so much that every touch becomes orgasmic.

The conscious touch and the ability of our massage therapists to channel refined, elevated energies for you, according to your needs, play a key role. They will also perform body-to-body massage movements in which they will slide on your body in the most sensual way. You will feel like in heaven!

During the Tantra erotic massage you will discover that you are more than your physical body, that there are so many ecstatic worlds in your inner universe.

All you need to do is to abandon yourself in the hands of your classy, affectionate guide and to enjoy these unforgettable moments of bliss beyond time and space, which is in fact the eternal space of your consciousness!

A woman's hands on a man's chest


The benefits of receiving an Amethyst tantra erotic massage in Vienna


You will be pampered with so much love and affection that your heart will melt.


You will feel expansion beyond the limits of your physical body.


The Amethyst tantra erotic massage reduces tiredness, you will feel like a new-born baby.


You may experience altered states of consciousness.


You will feel other dimensions of eroticism: the pure erotic energy will elevate and will nourish all your entire being.


You will discover that conscious touch can generate orgasmic pleasure in your entire body.


You will get rid of negative energy, enabling you to also take better emotional decisions in your life.


The Amethyst Tantra erotic massages will help you with your sexual drive, making you feel more confident and in control.

The atmosphere during the Amethyst Tantra erotic massage

Amethyst erotic Tantra massage will be performed in a warm candle-like lit room with relaxing music being played, in order to make you totally relaxed.
The rooms are spotless clean. We use natural bio oils combined with essential oils with therapeutic and relaxing effects.
Enjoy a refreshing atmosphere of peace and relaxation in our temple. Take a break from the everyday rush and bustle – and become refreshed by our Tantra erotic massage.

We guarantee discretion

As one of the finest professional Tantra erotic massage temples in Vienna, we are committed to make sure that every guest gets the best massage service visiting us.
That is why, along with excellence, the Amethyst massage temple will also offer you perfect discretion.

What we do NOT offer

We invite you to enjoy a professional Tantra erotic massage where NO SEXUAL SERVICES are included.
The touches, even if they are highly erotic, do not aim at initiating a sexual act but at relieving the tensions and at generating happiness and fulfillment in a deep state of surrender.
A woman's hands on a man's chest

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So, get in touch with us now and book a tantra erotic massage for an unforgettable experience in which you will feel the pure erotic energy in a delicious state of awareness!