Tantra erotic massage for men

The tantra erotic massage for men allows you to expand into deeper realms of pleasure. Using the conscious touch, our lady massage therapists will be your guide during this journey from relaxation, sensuality and deep eroticism to the discovery of your inner universe filled with love, peace, awareness, heavenly worlds.

The tantra erotic massage for men combines techniques from classical types of massage with the activation of your energy channels (nadis), all in a delicious body-to-body erotic massage.

The stages of the tantra erotic massage for men


Heart-to-Heart Connection

It all starts with a few minutes talk in which you may share your expectations, concerns and maybe your boundaries, so that we can offer you a top massage experience.

After that, the massage therapist will delicately establish a subtle heart-to-heart connection that will generate openness, safety and comfort.

The tantra erotic massage for men is not just about touching the physical body. The massage therapist gradually connects with you at the level of the heart, body, mind and soul. This will allow her to perceive, beyond words, what your being needs in order to feel open, nurtured, energised and awakened.


Relaxation of the body

The first maneuvers of the tantra erotic massage for men will be performed in order to help you let go and loosen all the body muscles.

Our regenerating tantra erotic massage for men is a full-body treatment on a background of soft music, dim lights, and aromatherapy oils. You will receive a long, luxurious massage in which we use various movements from different types of massage: long strokes, gentle and firm kneading, press-puncture, etc. combined with techniques that unblock your energy and activate your energy channels. All performed in a most sensual way.

You will be completely relaxed, pampered and spoiled. You will feel reborn. A special “shot” of positive beneficial energy.

Our sensual Tantra erotic massage is the best way to calm an agitated mind. It helps you experience a longer-lasting relaxation and teaches you how to receive pleasure without having to give anything back. This can truly be a healing experience.


Awakening of pure, sublime eroticism

As the Tantra erotic massage session becomes progressively more sensual, the treatment will be a combination of firm strokes and light, sensual touches. During the body-to-body massage, our massage therapist will skillfully and smoothly use her body to activate your erogenous areas in a delicious, unexpected manner. You will be pampered in a delightful, sensual feminine energy.

Eroticism and sensuality are often associated with a few centimeters of the body. The Amethyst tantra erotic massage for men sets a new definition of pleasure. Our treatments will reveal to you that every inch of your body can be an erogenous zone.

For this reason, it is one of the most complete and delightful tantra erotic massages for men you can find.


Expansion of consciousness

Now it is time to discover a new dimension of masculine sexuality. This huge energy of pleasure and sensuality is oriented to nourish all levels of your being.

The tantric wisdom does not encourage the discharge of your erotic procreative potential. On the contrary, it should be controlled and refined so that it feeds your heart, your mind and your soul.

Passing beyond your instincts, you will trigger superior amorous states that last longer, are more fulfilling and give you more beneficial energy rather than depriving you of it.

During the tantra erotic massage for men you will be guided from the exterior stimuli towards your inner universe, in order to experience a dimension of your being that is beyond space and time.

The silence in your mind, the peace and love in your heart will make you live in the present moment where everything is perfect.


Awareness and feedback

In the end of your tantra erotic massage session there will be some moments of awareness, of constructive feedback when you can find out more information about Tantra and new means of improving your erotic intimate life.


The beneficial effects of the tantra erotic massage for men

Improved self-control

Deeper self-knowledge

Better love-life

Harmony and happiness

Enhanced masculinity

Achieving a new, pure perspective upon Eros

Overcoming emotional blockages

Discovery of new realms of sensuality and masculine sexuality

Relaxation of your body and mind

Create successful and fulfilling relationships

Tantra considers that the body can be a vehicle for liberation and consciousness expansion from the finite towards infinity. In order to experience such states of amorous bliss and altered states of consciousness, you need to silence your mind and go deep inside your being. Thus, you may connect to the spiritual dimension of your being and you have the power to master your erotic energy. Raising and refining this huge erotic energy, you may experience the sublime peaks of refined amorous bliss.


Tantra erotic Massage
for Men

210 /1h30'

Nude 2 hands

*doesn't include any add-ons

  • 1h - 170€ / Nude 2 hands

  • 2h - 240€ / Nude 2 hands - Most popular

  • 1h30' - 400€ / Nude 4 hands

  • 2h - 460€ / Nude 4 hands

  • Extensions 30min - 60€ / 80€

  • VIP Tantric Experience

  • 2h30' - 380€ / 2-Hands

  • 2h30' - 700€ / 4-Hands

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