Tantra erotic massage for Couples

How about having an amazing, memorable evening together? Doing something new and exciting? The Amethyst erotic massage temple is the perfect place where you can experience an exquisite tantra erotic massage for couples with someone you love!

According to tantric knowledge, one of the keys to happiness in a couple relationship is polarization. It gives intensity, magnetic attraction, magic in every minute you spend together. Sometimes we need to get out of the daily routine to reignite the spark of love and attraction.

A Tantra erotic massage for couples is an adventure you will never forget. It can also be an opportunity to explore together new means of evolution and knowledge about yourself, about your couple relationship and the mysteries of Tantra.

Amethyst tantra erotic massage for couples is the ultimate sensual experience you can share. Whether you’re living with a partner or married, this can help bring you closer together and find more pleasure within your relationship.

A Tantra erotic massage for couples can add a whole new dimension to your love-life; it can also be an invigorating way to bring your fantasies to life.

A Tantra erotic couple massage offers you the possibility to enjoy a delightful and indescribable pleasure together. However, this will never go beyond your own personal comfort zone. Two massage therapists will treat you at the same time in the same room or in 2 separate rooms, according to your request. Your massage will be tailored to your specific needs.

Tantra erotic massage for lovers is helping you regain your physical and emotional harmony. Rather than excluding your partner, it includes them in a sensual experience that will reaffirm your love, and perhaps even reshape your fantasies and dreams.

The benefits of tantra erotic massage for couples:

  • Achieve deep relaxation,
  • Unblock erotic energy,
  • Bring balance in your own beings,
  • Enhanced harmony in the relationship,
  • Revival and/or improvement of the amorous life,
  • Discovery of new dimensions of the couple relationship,
  • Deeper self and mutual knowledge,
  • Achieve a new, pure perspective upon Eros.


Tantra Erotic Massage
for Couples

420 /2h

Nude 4 hands

  • Extensions 30min - 80€

Spoil yourself with some special Add-ons

Assisted shower - 20€

Let yourself be pampered by the gentle hands of your lady massage therapist, as warm water washes away the stress of daily duties. A magical beginning for a memorable experience.

Lymphatic drainage - 40€

A set of lymphatic drainage massage movements included in your tantra erotic massage in order to support the alchemical transformation of the procreative substance back into energy and the upward flow of that energy through the body.

Young Living essential oils - 30€

Essential oils are a delightful "magic wand" that brings astounding effects upon our health, mood, vitality and energy level.

Lingam Massage - 50€

Symbol of the whole Universe, the erect Lingam shows us which way we should direct all our energies and our entire attention: UPWARDS.

Allow yourself an experience of a heavenly touch!

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