Tantra erotic massage for Women

The eternal feminine draws us on high.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Performed with love and delicacy, relieving tensions, blockages and pain from your body, heart and mind, Tantra erotic massage for women is a gradual process in which you are guided with love and empathy towards your authentic feminine essence.

The Amethyst tantra erotic massage for women is a means of exploring your own feminine identity in a safe, comfortable and affectionate atmosphere.

The Amethyst tantra erotic massage for women – a source of relaxation and healing

Women are well known for running a mile a minute and keeping multiple plates spinning at a time. It’s understandable that they have some difficulty relaxing and letting go of things. It’s a real stretch for many of us to slow down not only our lives, but also our minds.

Hence, many energetic blockages arise. This can cause an imbalance in your body that leads to various types of physical illnesses and emotional distress. Women know that if their energies get blocked in their genitals, for example, this may give rise to high stress-levels, frustrations, depression, illnesses. Consequently, it is important to unblock your energy, to make it flow harmoniously in your body and to bring more beneficial positive energies in your body and life!

When you are in a balanced state, positive energies flow and generate a complete harmony, influencing many areas of your life including the physical, emotional and mental levels. Then, you are happy, attractive, loving, sensual, fully feminine.

Amethyst tantra erotic massage for women – paradise is at our fingertips

They all say that you need to love yourself first, that happiness is inside you. The Amethyst tantra erotic massage for women will reveal to you the truth of this affirmation.

In a complete state of relaxation and empowered by your awakened erotic energy, you will be guided to explore the mysteries of the eternal feminine that exists within every woman. You will feel that your fascinating inner universe is a infinite source of love, self confidence, sensuality, power, delicacy, fulfillment

The Amethyst tantra erotic massage for women offers you a unique and transforming experience which is both relaxing and empowering.

The magic of femininity

Feminine magic has always held a fascination for us and has drawn us to discover its mysteries. The source of this magic is the feminine energy itself which in Sanskrit bears the name of Shakti.

In Tantra tradition, woman (Shakti) is the personification of the primordial feminine energy. The Tantrics worship and adore 'Shakti' who is the 'feminine power', 'force of nature', 'energy'.

A woman whose energies flow harmoniously, who is aware of her feminine power is a magnet for happiness, love, eroticism, prosperity.

The stages of tantra erotic massage for women



The tantra erotic massage for women begins wih a short talk about your expectations and boundaries. First of all, women need trust, relaxation, and a feeling of safety in order to be open to deep experiences. The massage therapist will create a heart to heart connection which will generate the comfort, safety and affectionate atmosphere needed for a successful experience.



Then, the Tantra erotic massage for women will continue with relaxation movements taken from the classical massages, combined with techniques that release the negative energies and blockages from your body. At this stage of the Tantra erotic massage for women, you will feel completely relaxed, abandoned in the loving touches of our massage therapist. You enjoy a state of peace in your mind and your heart, a deep blissful relaxation.



In the end of the Tantra erotic massage for women, you will enjoy some moments of awareness and you can share the wonderful experiences you lived.

At the end of the Tantra erotic massage for women, you will enjoy beneficial effects like:

  • Deep relaxation,
  • Balance, Harmony
  • Discovery of your feminine power,
  • Awakening certain energies in your inner universe and using them in order to achieve a state of glorious blossoming,
  • Happiness,
  • Embracing your femininity,
  • Discovery of new realms of fulfillment,
  • Discovery of pure, refined eroticism,
  • Enhanced sensuality,
  • Healing of anorgasmia and frigidity,
  • Increase of sensuality and orgasmic power,
  • Altered states of consciousness,
  • Euphoria,
  • Self confidence,
  • Connection with the eternal feminine.


Tantra erotic Massage
for Women

170 /1h30'

Nude 2 Hands

  • 2h - 210€ - Most popular

  • Extensions 30min - 60€

  • VIP Tantric Experience

  • 2h30' - 350€

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Join us in this fascinating journey into the mysteries of your femininity!

Reconnect to your feminine essence which is the source of your happiness, fulfillment, love and prosperity in the most sensual and pleasant way!.

The deepest longing of the human soul is to be sensual.

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